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Top medical service in the inner city.
No waiting time – for MRI and CT as well.

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Mo-Fr 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

+43 1 522 02 00

Bellariastrasse 6 1010 Vienna

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Medical staff

Excellent radiologists will gladly advise you and take time for your concerns.

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Why 'BELLARIA DIAGNOSE' is right for you:

  • MRI and CT without waiting time
  • Top medical service in a central inner city location with optimal service
  • Excellent radiologists will gladly advise you and take time for your concerns.
  • State-of-the-art machines provide quality-assured diagnostics
  • We offer MRI, CT, mammography, X-ray and ultrasound
  • Select experts perform special examinations:
    • MRI and CT examinations from head to toe
    • MRI and CT examinations for cancer
    • Personalised breast diagnostics
    • Foetal MRI for depicting the unborn child
    • Dental CT for implant planning
    • Minimally invasive interventions from chest to back
  • Detailed report presentations
  • Immediate image and results issuance
  • Insurance company contract with KFA


Magnetic resonance tomography

Radiation-free depiction of the structure and function of tissue and...

Multi-parametric prostate MRI

The multi-parametric prostate MRI provides...

Multi-parametric breast MRI

The multi-parametric breast MRI represents a further important...

Foetal magnetic resonance tomography

The most accurate method for depicting foetal development.

Computed tomography

Dose-sparing depiction of the overlay-free layers of...

Dental computer tomography

Three-dimensional, high-resolution CT imaging of the jaw.  

Minimally invasive pain therapy

Pain treatment with CT-guided & C-arm controlled...

Fully digital X-ray

X-ray examinations are suitable for depicting bones and lungs.

Personalised breast diagnostics

Mammography and 3D-screening MRI for breast cancer diagnosis.

High-resolution ultrasound

Liver, thyroid gland, joints, vessels, female breast and skin can...

Breast biopsy

The most reliable method for diagnosing breast changes.


A procedure for depicting the lactiferous duct system of the breast.

Dental CT diagnostics
Specialist medical consultant

Personalised breast diagnostics
Specialist medical consultant

Foetal MRI diagnostics
Specialist medical consultant